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What's your strategy for keeping your children reading through the summer?

Updated: May 29, 2019

If you have children that are already avid readers, then congratulations! Our kids aren't natural bookworms though and each summer we keep forgetting or finding excuses why we didn't have enough time to make them read. How can we make it a nice habit that sticks and the kids truly enjoy this summer?

Getting habits require a cue, a trigger, that tells your mind to go to automatic mode to do the desired routine. Then a reward which helps your brain remember that this particular habit is worth remembering and doing again, according to Charles Duhigg (author of The Power of Habit). For us, this is more challenging in the summer as other regular routines (e.g. bedtime) aren't as rigid in the summer.

This article from Washington Post has some good ideas, but for us we would also need to embed a "trigger" to help us remember and a "reward" so that both the kids and us parents feel it's worth the effort, even at a "subconscious" level as well.

With the Fabulinus reading and learning app we try to help reinforce this habit even by sending three articles at a specific time, linking it to the bedtime routine. The reward can be for example that my daughter reads one fact then I'll read the two remaining. The reward is also the quality time, learning and laugh we share together. Still it's hard, especially in the summer with so much going on.

Do you have a strategy?


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