• Philip Henriksson

The Fabulinus app is now on both AppStore and Google Play

We just launched the app Fabulinus "Neat bedtime facts for curious kids and their superstar parents" in both AppStore and Google Play.

If you also have curious kids who ask a lot of questions (or know someone that does) and think habits of lifelong learning, reading aloud, and quality time with your child is important, I would love if you try it. Maybe you are just the curious kind yourself. If so, download it now and start new habits on Monday!

Please send me any feedback on how it can be better, as this is just the beginning.

The ambition is to help create great habits for families by combining the best of books and digital in a compelling way. It’s not a sprint, it’s about lifelong learning, which is key to thrive in a world of exponential change. 

Let's make the world smarter!

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