• Philip Henriksson

No eyes!?

This world we live in is truly fascinating with all its different creatures! Check out this one!

One thing that’s very important for most animals to survive is their sight. We need eyes to see danger and find food. Life sure would be pretty tricky without our eyes. But did you know that some animals don’t have any eyes?

They are born without them. An example of this is the Mexican tetra, also known as blind cave fish.

They were not always eyeless; they’ve lost their eyes over time through evolution. Scientists believe that it’s because the body uses less energy when it’s blind. These fish live in completely dark caves, so there’s no need for eyes. Over time, to save energy, they stopped developing eyes because they were not using them.

Instead, they are very sensitive to changes in pressure in the water around them. This way, they can feel if something is nearby. They have developed a better sense of smell and have taste buds on their head to easier detect things to eat or keep away from danger.

Have you tried walking around in your house with your eyes covered? Which senses can you use instead to find your way?

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