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Prioritize your quality time

Getting quality time together is not only a great part of life but also important for a child's development

Prioritizing Quality Time

It’s the ordinary but qualitative moments we remember as children

As a child, the true quality time was being with one of my parents engaged in something together. It wasn’t necessarily when they took me to the playground or theme park or other extraordinary activities, even though I appreciated that as well. Instead, it was more ordinary moments like reading, playing or talking about something where all the focus was on us and the moment. Even though these moments only lasted a few minutes, they stayed with me for the rest of my life.

Most of the time spent with children is not quality time

Even though we might spend a lot of time with our children, most of it is not actual quality time. In our fast-paced day-to-day, it is hard to find time for quality moments. If we combine the time we spend reading, doing homework and playing together with our children, it’s on average 15 minutes per day according to the US Department of Labor. Many are likely finding other quality moments beyond that, but most of us rush through the day.


A few minutes per day is a valuable investment  

Spending time together builds self-esteem, develop positive behaviors and encourages communication. When children feel that their parents value them, they feel more positive about themselves, and it’s a chance to understand them better.

It’s not about devoting every single moment awake with your child, but rather creating a habit with some minutes of true engaged quality time.

Foster lifelong learning habits

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