Neat facts for curious kids... and grown-ups  

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Curious kids!

My kids, 6 and 8 years old, kept asking before going to sleep: ”Dad, tell us something we don’t know”. Fantastic request, but I struggled to come up with new and interesting things to say and explaining it so that they would understand.


So I reached out to some teachers to help me put together facts written in a fun and educative way for kids, and at the same time keeping it interesting for grown-ups as well. The kids loved it and today these moments of joint enlightenment between myself and my kids have become an important part of our bedtime routine!


Apparently there are many curious kids out there! - Kids inspiring kids

More and more friends started asking if I could share these facts and Fabulinus was born. We now have our very own inhouse Fabulinus-teacher and offices in Stockholm and Dubai. Our kids are key contributors on our entrepreneurial journey and to this growing community!


If you also have curious kids register below to be on the waiting list for our app and to be up to date on our progress. It is under development and we’ll need test users in the near future. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well where you and your kids can post your questions! What are you curious about? @fabulinus.staycurious

The name Fabulinus comes from the Roman God that taught kids how to speak!




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