About us

Curious kids!

My kids, 6 and 9 years old, kept asking before going to sleep: ”Dad, explain something we don’t know”. Fantastic request, but I struggled to come up with new and interesting things to say and explaining it so that they would understand.


So I reached out to some teachers to help me put together facts written in a fun and educative way for kids, and at the same time keeping it interesting for grown-ups as well. The kids loved it and today these quality moments of joint enlightenment have become an important part of our bedtime routine! 

  • Did you know there are pink dolphins, that some birds sleep with one eye open, or the difference between a ninja and a samurai?  


Apparently there are many curious kids out there! - Kids inspiring kids

More and more friends started asking if I could share these facts and Fabulinus was born. Children started sending in their own questions and so it grew. We thought, why not make an app, so we did! 


Our kids are key contributors on our entrepreneurial journey and to this growing community. They are especially important in quality control of the content.


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In other words

Fabulinus was born out of our own necessity to nurture our children’s natural thirst for knowledge and in realizing that there are millions of other equally curious kids.

In our fast paced society it is increasingly difficult to find those true quality moments between child and grown-up. We truly believe that these moments are more important than ever!


Our mission is to:

1. Create a nice grown-up-and-child moment of discovery and enlightenment

2. Spread wide range of fact based knowledge and practice reading for kids and adults

3. Create habits learning combining the best of books and digital


Fabulinus was a Roman god who taught children to speak!

We started out in Swedish fabulinus.se, and are now expanding to the rest of the world! 

Meet the team below



Lovisa is 8 years old and our Creative Director, responsible for design and generating questions. She likes to paint, ski, horseback-riding, play, swim and learn things.


Creative Director


Curious 6 year old, making sure the facts are fun enough. He likes football, basketball, lego, pirates and play with friends.


Quality Assurance Manager


3 year old who likes horses, Bamse, Pippi Longstocking, and to be a Superhero Monkey!


Superhero Monkey

Jai copy.jpg

Jai is 7 years old and lives in the desert! He loves lego, skiing and blueberries. He helps with the international expansion.


EMEA Expansion Director


Helps keep track of weather, remember things, tell the news and putting meetings in the calendar.




Avi is 5 years old and wants to be a Ninja Turtle! He can whistle and loves pizza. He collects questions from curious friends.


Curiosity Ninja

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Fabulinus own in-house teacher ensuring that facts are written in a pedagogical way and share good advice. Gabriella loves to dance and her two kids!


Fabulinus Teacher


Annika loves cinnamon buns, her family and numbers. She is a mother to two curious sons (Jai & Avi), has one extra tooth and heads up the Dubai office!


CFO & Head of Dubai office 




Passionate about facts and life-long learning and has 3 curious kids. He loves BBQ-ing, spectacular events, nice weather and feedback! So always feel free to email: philip@fabulinus.io 

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An editor or marketing guru. Is that you?