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    Neat facts for curious kids

    ...and thEIR SUPERSTAR parent


    A family app from Sweden, the country of parental leave, innovation and fika

    IF YOU ever met a kid, YOU MIGHT recognize THIS? 

    Where does space end?

    I was thinking, how come cheetahs can run so fast?

    How do I become a universal genius?

    If you count for million of years, perhaps you reach a number that doesn’t exist. What would you call that then? 

    ...and millions more!

    This is why Fabulinus exists: for the curious kid and their superstar parent!

    Fabulinus provides three bed-time facts Monday to Thursday for your 6 to 11-year-old


    By combining the best of books with the best of digital our ambitions is to help create great habits of:

    • quality time discovering things together  

    • lifelong learing habits nurturing your child’s curiosity and allow you as a parent to engage as that all-knowing superstar that you are to them

    • read aloud a broad range of topics rewarding for both parent and child 

    “Wow dad, you know so much!”

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: 


    “screen time shouldn’t only be alone time” - parents have a key role in helping children grow up digitally.


    Scientists also say reading aloud with your child substantially increases their vocabulary and  develop their brain.

    We keep it simple: only text and nice pictures, avoiding distracting elements.

    "Screen time shouldn't only be alone time" - AAP
    "My Mom knows everything"
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